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BEA to restore LAPI program

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has announced that it will  restore a portion of statistical detail to its Local Area Personal Income (LAPI) program.  Continue reading

C2ER calling on Congress to restore, modernize BLS budget

C2ER has learned that the Senate and House are developing appropriations proposals that must ready in the next few weeks. To that end, C2ER will be coordinating outreach to both committees, as well as to key individual members of each, calling on the House and Senate to increase the total Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) budget request to $631.4 million.

This would include the following proposals:  Continue reading

Proposed ED budget cuts from FY2015 state budget proposals

As data from the proposed FY2015 State Budgets is being released, C2ER has been updating the C2ER State Economic Development Program Expenditures Database.  The proposed budgets provide information on eliminated programs and decreased funding for economic development financing, with many affecting small business development related programs. (Meanwhile, more than a dozen governors have announced new legislative and budget proposals to support workforce development efforts in their state.)

Back on February 12, we highlighted trends in CO, HI, and MD. Here are highlights from MA, WV, and TN: Continue reading

C2ER joins 100 organizations in defense of ACS

Good news from the Hill: the move to re-introduce an unpopular bill that would affect the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey has failed.

Late last week, word leaked that House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) would present the bill for markup on Wednesday, March 12. Organized by The Census Project, C2ER joined over 100 other organizations in a letter to the committee leadership urging the Census Bureau’s authorizing committee not to bring up the Poe bill, which would make ACS response voluntary, for a vote this week.  Continue reading

ED funding highlights from proposed FY2015 state budgets

C2ER has been updating the C2ER State Economic Development Program Expenditures Database with data from the proposed FY2015 State Budgets currently being released. The proposed budgets include new funding and some major funding increases for economic development financing, especially venture  capital, accelerator, and research and development programs.

Here are some of the highlights: Continue reading

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